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Rodolfo Delgado co-founded the first real estate listings company in the United States focused on unedited video content, reinventing residential real estate by leveraging technology in the consumer’s favor and bringing more transparency into the real estate industry. 

Check it out here, or take a peek at a few of Replay Listings' success stories below

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Everything you need to know to rent an apartment in New York City.

Are you looking for a rental apartment in New York? This guide will answer questions such as:

  • What is a broker's fee and when you need to pay it?

  • What is a convertible apartment?

  • What is a guarantor and when will I need one? 

  • What to do if you don't have a guarantor for your apartment?

  • Which documents will I need to apply for a rental apartment in New York?

  • and much more! Check it out here.


 After helping over 100,000 people during their search for a new home, Replay Listings has been on the news quite a few times!

You may find out more about those articles here

Below some examples.

Replay Listings on INMAN News - January 2021
Rodolfo Delgado on a FORBES article called "How Technology is disrupting the apartment rental experience"

"How Technology is Disrupting the Apartment Rental Experience"

Cofounders of Replay Listings Rodolfo Delgado and Maxwell Podolsky received a call from a Forbes representative just a year after the company was founded in 2017. They were interviewed as part of a nomination process to be on Fobers “30 Under 30.

In 2019, Rodolfo received a phone call with an invitation to be a Forbes Real Estate Council. Today, Rodolfo writes monthly articles for Forbes.

You may find those articles here.

Replay Listings on a Techsling article about residential real estate and renting an apartment in new york city

"Rodolfo Delgado and the Happy Surprise of Unexpected Altruism"

“In summary, the Replay Listings platform requires that all media and descriptions of any given property be 100% accurate and 100% specific to that exact property. The result is that users know what they’re getting long before visiting a property.

“Our platform was born out of a need. I used to be a real estate agent, and I often noticed a client’s mistrust or skepticism when approaching brokers. Their fear was often due to past experiences they’d had with bait and switch techniques.”

The Replay Listings platform makes honesty the norm by making it easy to be honest.

Read the full article here.

Replay Listings on Hackernoon press coverage

"The Fight for Honesty in Real Estate"

In New York, the belly of the beast when it comes to difficult (and astronomically expensive) real estate markets, startup Replay Listings has pioneered a strict new model that emphasizes responsible listings and open lines of communication. 

Basically, anyone who wants to post a property on the platform needs to be verified as a licensed real estate professional, and all media for that posting, whether it be photos or videos, needs to show the exact property-- no model apartments or similar units allowed. 

The result is a platform, maybe even a community, where individuals can be confident that what they see online or in the app is what they’ll actually get. 

Full article here

Replay Listings on a Brick Underground about renting an apartment and the mobile apps use to rent an apartment in nyc

"Brick Undergrounds Guide to Rental Apps"

What sets it apart? 

Video tours are at the forefront of the app, which makes it easier than other apps. You can also call, text, or email the broker directly from the app.

Who should use it? 

If you’re all about video tours instead of photos.

Find the full article here


"How to Rent an Apartment in NYC as a Student - Pro Tips "

Find the full article here


For more Press coverage, click here 

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