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My Principles

Principles by which I live. I practice these principles both on my daily personal life and when conducting my business. This list is ever-evolving. If you ever see me break one, please let me know.

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  1. Never physically hurt animals or human beings unless it’s to defend. Unless they are cockroaches, spiders, flys, or insects you find threatening or grotesque. Eating meat doesn’t count.

  2. When given the opportunity, always defend a child or a minor in need.

  3. The life of any immediate family member is more important than mine. When given a choice, always chose their well-being before mine.

  4. I believe there is a greater being who allowed life. Their shape and name is irrelevant to me. I haven’t decided if I believe they are perfect or flawed yet. I hope to find out one day.

  5. Strive to be as successful, influential, and wealthy as you possibly can, with the condition that you don’t trade that success or wealth for everything else that matters: family, friends, health, faith, and integrity.

  6. Don’t judge others consciously. Not even inside your head. If you decide to judge someone, ask yourself this after: What is that person’s fundamental belief that you disagree with? Write it down.

  7. Get away from any person, situation or thing that consciously or subconsciously hurt you. - Mom (thanks! :) )

  8. Treat strangers the way you’d like them to treat you.

  9. Vocalize how you like to be treated - don’t assume others know or should know.

  10. Value the time of others the same as yours, and let that be reflected in your actions.

  11. Always give credit where credit is due.

I intend to revisit this list often and write down more principles by which I abide. I am aware that I am not perfect.​ But hey, we do what we can.

I am currently the CEO of Replay Listings, a business I am extremely proud of, in which we practice these values. You may check it out here or download or iOS mobile app on the App Store - it rocks.

Thank you!

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