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The Vigon Team


Who Are We?

As Members of the Real Estate Board of New York, we have been recognized as an award winning team offering an unparalleled concierge real estate experience. Our team brings over 30 years of experience in the sale and rental of condos, co-ops, townhouses and unique properties throughout New York.

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Testimonials and Reviews

Laury Nouel     -     May 2017

I had an excellent experience with Rodolfo for my apartment search. Very professional and involved from the beginning to the end, he listened to our requirements and preferences (me and my 2 roommates) in order to find what would best suit us. He has given us access to all the apartments we we interested in on diverse websites, as well as exclusive opportunities. His knowledge of the market is definitely a plus (timing, negotiation). Moreover, he has contacts to provide for movers, divider companies, and everything you would need. If and when I will look for a new apartment Rodolfo will be my first call.

Frank Aguilar     -     May 2017

As a first-timer to the NYC apartment scene and flying in with the goal to find an apartment, I was overwhelmed by the variety of choices, prices, and locations. Rodolfo took the time up-front to truly understand what my preferences were, and it paid off as he tailored a list of apartments that fit my needs. We spent 1 day looking and FOUND the perfect apartment. It also helped that throughout it all, he was really professional and friendly. When it came to negotiating, he fought for the best deal, and I got it. I owe it to him. If you want a class act who works for you, pick Rodolfo.

Meghan Maloy    -     May 2017

Rodolfo and Lorett invested a lot of time up front to learn what was really important to us in our next apartment. Their intimate knowledge of the buildings and building owners in their inventory was amazing, and thanks to that initial conversation, Rodolfo only had to show us one apartment before we put in an application.

We needed to act quickly to get the apartment, and though I was a little hesitant to make a decision without having seen any other options, Rodolfo and Lorett had earned my trust and had a thorough understanding of our criteria, so we jumped in and started filling out all the paperwork. I mentioned to Rodolfo the statistical rule for finding a spouse - you date 37% of the candidates and then choose to marry the next candidate who is better than the best person in that 37% - to explain how I felt apartment selection should be approached. He had a great response: "The difference here is we've already done all the dating for you."

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