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Senior Product Manager  |  Director of Technology  |  Marketing Strategy  |  Project Manager  |  Architect  |  Management of Technology

10+ years Real Estate Experience  |  5+ years Management Experience

Rodolfo Delgado is a tech pioneer. He created the first real estate listing company in the United States focused on unedited video content, which has helped over 150,000 people find their next home.
Designed to bring transparency to the Real Estate Industry, Replay Listings is expanding to other cities/countries, including Miami, The Hamptons, Tokyo, and Mexico City.

Rodolfo also writes articles for Forbes real estate and is the creator of the podcast "Renting An Apartment In New York City" available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or anywhere you listen to podcasts.

With over 10 years of international experience in real estate, architecture, and technology, Rodolfo Delgado has proven to be an expert in leading teams, developing sales and marketing strategies, and managing developers and engineers to create real estate mobile apps and websites.

Rodolfo Delgado CEO of Replay Listings on an interview regarding renting an apartment in nyc