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Senior Product Manager  |  Director of Technology  |  Marketing Strategy  |  Project Manager  |  Architect  |  Management of Technology

10+ years Real Estate Experience  |  5+ years Management Experience

Rodolfo Delgado is a tech pioneer. He created the first real estate listing company in the United States focused on unedited video content, which has helped over 250,000 people find their next home.
Designed to bring transparency to the Real Estate Industry, Replay Listings is expanding to other cities/countries, including Miami, The Hamptons, Tokyo, and Mexico City.

Rodolfo also writes articles for Forbes real estate and is the creator of the podcast "Renting An Apartment In New York City" available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or anywhere you listen to podcasts.

Rodolfo Delgado Forbes Replay Listings

With over 10 years of international experience in real estate, architecture, and technology, Rodolfo Delgado has proven to be an expert in leading teams, developing sales and marketing strategies, and managing developers and engineers to create real estate mobile apps and websites.

Rodolfo Delgado CEO of Replay Listings on an interview regarding renting an apartment in nyc


Rodolfo was nominated to be part of Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2018, along with Replay Listings' co-founder Maxwell Podolsky.

 Rodolfo delgado forbes badge for real estate councils 2019
FORBES council badge for Rodolfo Delgado on 2020 real estate

A year later, Rodolfo was approached by a Forbes representative and invited to become part a Forbes Real Estate Council in New York City.  Rodolfo writes monthly articles, informing readers about the real estate market and trends. You may find those articles here

Rodolfo is often quoted as an industry expert. With dozens of contributions, you may find some examples below.

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Nine Ways Future Tech Will Influence Real Estate Transaction Processes

Nine Key Skills People In Real Estate Should Possess

13 Ways The Average Person Can Build A Real Estate Fortune



"... I see so many parallels between Rodolfo Delgado & my younger self, the biggest being your entrepreneurial spirit. Hats off to you.  A creative mindset, strong work ethic, and perseverance will never fail you, regardless of where you come from."

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Marcelo Claure
CEO at Softbank, Chairman at WeWork

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Rodolfo Delgado elnorte.png

On June 2021, Rodolfo Delgado appeared on the front page of Mexicos biggest newspapers: and

Teaching Experience

Rodolfo Delgado has been a guest judge and speaker on multiple occasions at world-renowned universities in the United States, including

New York University, Baruch College, and Hunter University.

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Judge at Competition, Baruch College, NYC


Class by Professor Brandon Procak

June 2022

Screenshot 2023-01-31 at 9.21.33 AM.png

Lecturer and Mentor,

NYU (New York University)

“Strategy and Innovation” 

Class by Professor Frederick Kauber

December 2022

Screenshot 2023-01-31 at 9.23.41 AM.png

Judge and Lecturer,

Hunter College, CUNY NYC

“Introduction to Entrepreneurship” 

Class by Professor Brandon Procak

November 2022


Renting an Apartment in New York City

Cover art of podcast Renting an Apartment in New York by Rodolfo Delgado
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google podcasts badge for rodolfo delgado

Or, listen on Spotify

A sneak peek of the first episode:

Rodolfo Delgado 2020

Launched Replay Listings: NEW DEVELOPMENTS, aimed to help big building owners market and lease their properties more efficiently


Joined the FORBES Real Estate Council in New York, contributing with articles published in to inform readers about real estate + technology news

Forbes Badge for Rodolfo Delgado
  • Adaptability

  • Digital Marketing

  • Property Technology

  • Resource Allocation

  • Leadership and Culture
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Analytical Skills
  • Problem-Solving

Core Competencies

Created the first real estate listing company in the United States focused on unedited video content

Replay Listings logo

Replay Listings is the first self-service platform used for finding rental apartments in New York that brings the power of choice back to the consumer.

It's unedited videos ensure authenticity in all listings and guarantees a superior search experience.

Replay Listings is comprised of an iOS app, Android app and website, and was designed to bring transparency into New York’s residential real estate market.

User experience and user interface (UX/UI) of mobile app

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website vector.png

Check it out

iOS App |  Android App  |  Website


Replay Listings on the news!

 TechSling   |   Hackernoon   |   Brick Underground   |   I​nman

Rodolfo Delgado Real Estate Tech Sling

CEO and Co-founder of Replay Listings

2017 - Present

Rodolfo T. Delgado Technology New York
  • Created the first real estate listing company in the United States focused on unedited video content, designed to bring transparency into New York’s residential real estate market

  • Grew company to a post-revenue stage, having helped over 250,000 Americans in their search for a new home

  • Currently providing service to multiple residential new developments in New York, aiding in the marketing and leasing of over 2,000 exclusive homes

  • Physically presented in front of thousands of New York real estate agents across multiple leading-brokerages

  • Added to Corcoran’s “new real estate agents rental training program”

  • Oversee development and maintenance of  iOS app, Android app, and website

  • Introduced product to over 50 real estate offices, expanding paying customer base through cold-calling and presentations at brokerage firms

  • Direct digital marketing and consumer approach focused on analytics

  • Maximize marketing expenditure focused on Google Ads, and Apple Search Ads accounts to generate leads at almost half the CPA of our competitors

  • Recurrently network with global real estate industry leaders, always asking the question, “What can we do to improve the way that people find a new home?”

Replay Listings Website Real Estate Rental Apartments

Download our App on the AppStore

Rodolfo Delgado Award Winning Broker in New York City

Propelled "The Vigon Team" to win 5 company awards in less than 2 years as a 

Technology Manager and RE Salesperson

Citi Habitats Logo
The Vigon Team at Citi Habitats

Expanded the design & marketing efforts of the team by introducing:

          Google Ads

          Facebook Ads

          Instagram Ads

Generated our teams' mobile-friendly website,

which produced more and better quality leads and helped improve SEO efforts throughout the company


Introduced and trained team members to Google Drive in order to improve and streamline the scheduling of open-houses, client follow-ups and over-all team communication, using:


          Google Docs


          Google Sheets


          Cloud storage


Streamlined sales team approach by leading the training of newer agents, creating manuals to optimize cold-calling and follow-ups

Google Ads Logo.png
Facebook Ads logo.jpeg
Instagram Ads Logo.png
Google Docs Logo.png
Google Sheets Logo.jpg
Google Cloud Logo.png

Team of the Year Rentals


President's Council Award


Diamond Circle Award


Silver Award


President's Council Award


VIGON TEAM at Citi Habitats New York

Led a team of over 15 employees in strategic marketing, design and product development

Rodolfo T. Delgado Real Estate


  • Increased the value of over 741 acres in company portfolio by updating the land use from agricultural to industrial/commercial and subdividing the territory into parcels whose size addressed consumers demand

  • Built relationships and communication channels with governmental agencies in order to optimize company’s land-use opportunities based upon future city development plans

  • Led and supervised construction team of over 15 employees building spec homes over a three year period

  • Designed and marketed four industrial parks, all of which have been sold successfully earning over 30% ROI

Architect and Project Manager

July 2010 - May 2015